Does Celexa for weight loss work as effectively? Uses of Citalopram

What is Celexa?

Celexa is a pill that is used for people suffering from depression. The uses of Citalopram pills are to treat Major Depressive Disorder. This pill is taken after discussing all the treatment choices with your doctor. It is also wise to talk to your health care provider when you think you don’t need the pills. Doctors usually prescribed those pills to depressed patients. Celexa can be used with or without food consumed. The dosage has based on the age and the medical history of a person. The doctor will discuss every detail about your medication and where you can buy citalopram online. (Learn about the uses of Celexa for weight loss)

Is using Celexa for weight loss beneficial?

Since Celexa is used for depressed people, it doesn’t work on losing weight. This is because depressed people don’t have a huge appetite, so they don’t know much, which causes weight loss. You lose weight according to how you eat when you take the pill. Recent studies have shown that weight loss isn’t involved in Celexa. You can lose or gain weight according to how you eat when taking the pill. It has been hard for doctors to detect if to recommend Celexa for weight loss. If you are worried about weight loss when taking the pill, it is recommended to eat more food.

Side Effects of Celexa

The side effects of Celexa can be severe. The side effects are also similar to the side effects of Carisoprodol. The side effects can also be dangerous, and they may need you to contact the doctor when they get severe. They can be unbearable. Many negative aspects accompany even the use of Celexa for weight loss. The side effects of Celexa are:

• Constipation
• Diarrhea
• Upset Stomach
• Decreased Sexual Desire.
• Seizures
• Eye pain
• Eye swelling
• Eye Redness
• Widened eye pupils
• Vision Changes
• Seeing rainbows around
• Fainting
• Irregular heartbeat
• Vomiting
• Black stools


The disadvantages of using these pills are that you can get many medical problems and need medical attention. The side effect may require you always to have the doctors’ number on speed dial. Many people don’t have serious side effects, and those who get them usually get severe ones. When you get side effects like loss of appetite, dry mouth, tiredness, blurred vision, you may have to call the doctor so that the doctor can check what the problem is. The doctor only recommends pills they believe will be good for you. Therefore, it’s good to tell the doctors about any changes before anything gets out of hand if something happens. One can order citalopram cash on delivery.
It’s possible to lose weight using the pill, but the doctors also have a hard time detecting if this is a fact or myth.

Most studies have shown that Celexa for weight loss is not that effective, but the problem is that depressed patients usually don’t have a huge appetite, which will mean that they will gain weight. Some patients think the pill affects their weight, but it doesn’t really do that.

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