Gabapentin 300mg

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Gabapentin 300mg

Epileptic patients are given Gabapentin 300mg by doctors. This medicine which is marketed under different brand names is a prescription medicine and must be used only when prescribed by the doctor.

One must not buy Gabapentin 300mg Online until and unless the doctor prescribes it for the simple reason that a number of factors have to be analyzed before prescribing the medicine. The age of the patient, medical and physical condition of the patient and other such factors will be considered by the doctor.

Certain basic information about Gabapentin 300mg:

This medicine is normally prescribed by the doctors for patients above 12 years who are suffering from epilepsy. It may also be prescribed by the doctor in the case of conditions like restless legs syndrome, postherpetic neuralgia , hot flashes, numb feeling due to diabetes etc. This medicine has to be taken only as directed by the physician.
The dose of the medicine will be decided by the doctor. The medicine has to be swallowed with water. The doctor will normally start with the lower dose of the medicine and only if required then he will increase the dose. This will depend a lot on how the patient responds to the first dose of the medicine. The prescription and the guidelines of the doctor have to be followed strictly.

A few words of caution about Gabapentin 300mg:

One of the first things that the patient must know is about the side effects that are associated with this medicine. There are a number of common side effects that may be observed. These include fatigue, dizziness, weight gain, runny nose etc. Sometimes the side effects can also be of serious nature. Serious side effects are severe rash, suicidal thoughts, swelling of the lymph nodes, swelling of face tongue etc. In case of any side effects inform the doctor immediately.

Any medicines, supplements etc that you may be taking have to be informed to the doctor as Gabapentin 300mg interacts with certain substances like Naproxen, heart burn medicines like Maalox, opiate pain medicines. Alcohol must be avoided if you are taking this medicine.

It is equally important to tell the doctor if you are allergic to any medicines or substances. The doctor will take into consideration all these factors and based on this will decide if the medication should be prescribed. Only of the doctor feels that the advantages of this medicine are more as compared to the side effects only then he will prescribe the medicine.

The overdose of the medicine can be fatal. In case of overdose the doctor has to be informed on priority. Sometimes the patient may also get suicidal thoughts on taking the medicine. This is a very serious thing and the doctor’s immediate intervention is required in such cases.

Order the medicine only if prescribed by the doctor:

You can order for this medicine with ease from a reputed online pharmacy but you can do so only if it has been prescribed by the doctor. Reputed online pharmacies have a number of different payment options. One of the best and most convenient options is the Gabapentin COD where no advance payments have to be made.

Many customers do not like to give information about their credit card on online portals. In the case of Gabapentin Cash on Delivery option the customer does not have to make any advance payments. The order has to be placed with the online pharmacy and when the medicine is delivered to the customer the payments are to be made in cash.
As you can see that this medicine can be procured from online pharmacies but the prescription of the doctor is a must in this case. You must never try taking this medicine on your own. It is equally important to make sure that the patient does not make any alterations to the dose on his own. Any increase or decrease in the dosage has to be done only by the doctor.

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    I took Gabapentin for trigeminal neuralgia and at first it worked great.

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