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Paroxetine (Paxil) 20mg

One of the well-known brands of Paroxetine antidepressants is Paxil. This is a prescription medicine and the patient must not take it as per his or her wish. The patient must check with the doctor and only if the doctor prescribes the medicine then the patient must take it. After the doctor has prescribed the medicine the patient must buy paroxetine 20mg. The patient must diligently follow the prescription of the doctor. The patient must not make any changes to the prescription on his own.

Basic facts about Paroxetine (Paxil) 20mg:

This prescription medicine is used in the treatment of anxiety and depression. It can be used to treat different types of disorders like social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder etc.

As for the dosage many times the doctor will prescribe Paroxetine 20mg once daily. However, the strength and the dosage of the medicine will depend on the overall condition of the patient and the severity of the disorder. One very important thing that needs to be noted before you order paroxetine online is that you must never change the dosage or the strength of the medicine on your own. You need to check with the doctor for the same.

It is also important to note that medicine should not be stopped suddenly as it can lead to withdrawal symptoms. The doctor will tell you how to taper the dose and to gradually stop the medicine.

Words of caution for Paroxetine 20mg:

Like all the other medicines there will obviously be side effects in the case of this medicine as well. There can be common side effects like concentration issues, weakness, headaches, confusion, constipation etc are observed. Some side effects can be of a serious nature. These are hallucinations, seizures, pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, abnormal bleeding, etc. If any side effects are seen then the same needs to be informed to the doctor on priority.

This medicine will also interact with certain other medicines. Therefore if you are taking any other medicine or any supplements or any over-the-counter medicines then make sure that you tell the doctor. It has been found that this medicine interacts with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, blood thinners, medicines used in the treatment of nausea etc.

It is also of utmost importance to inform the doctor if you are allergic to any medicines or to any substance. Sometimes the allergies may be caused by certain inactive ingredients in the medicine.

An overdose of Paxil can result in symptoms like fatigue, sleepiness, irregular heartbeat, seizures etc. There are also chances that the person may slip into a coma. Overdose can even lead to death. Therefore, the doctor must avoid an overdose of medicine under all circumstances.

The patient must also inform the doctor about any medical ailments that he or she may be having. Pregnant and lactating mothers must inform the same to the doctor. Abuse of medicine also needs to be avoided under all circumstances.

Here is how you can order Paroxetine 20mg:

You can easily order Paroxetine 20mg online. There are some very good online drugstores that will make sure that the medicine is delivered to you at the delivery address. The process to place the order is very simple. Once you have the prescription you have to place the order and make the payments online. If you do not want to make online payments then you can order Paxil cash on delivery.

In the cash on delivery option, you do not have to make advance online payments. The payments have to be made only at the time of delivery of the medicine. The payments have to be made in cash.

In the case of problems like depression and anxiety disorders get in touch with your doctor. Medicines like Paxil that may be prescribed by the doctor can be purchased online from an online pharmacy.

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